about herveybaybedandbreakfast 242x300 - About UsHervey Bay Bed and Breakfast is all about the many hotels and different accommodation options in this area of Queensland. Moreover, in this blog, you can also find advice and recommendations of things to do and places to go sightseeing in Hervey Bay.

Ava McCarthy is a postmaster in Queensland who enjoy spending her long weekends and family vacations at Hervey Bay. As she grew older, she got to know the place better and developed a tendency to invite her friends over and show them the marvels of her favourite spots.

During one of the travels she had arranged with a group of friends coming from abroad, they told her that they wished they could’ve read about the things she said somewhere. This lit a little spark in her mind, which eventually became the idea to create a travelling blog that focused specifically in the region she loved so much.

After coming back home from that trip, she called up a few friends that had grown up enjoying Hervey Bay with her and told them what she was thinking about. We were all more than happy to share our experiences and help her build the blog these travellers said they needed.

We have been striving to keep filling the blog with fun and interesting posts that let travellers know just how much they can do in the area and where they can stay and rest. The accommodation options are venues that we have tried ourselves many times and the activities we recommend are things that we have been doing for years, since childhood.

If you are looking forward to planning your next beach vacation and are looking to visit Queensland, you need to keep an eye on our posts to learn about the best area there is.