Fishing at Hervey Bay – An Angler’s Favourite

  Hervey Bay’s Fraser Coast is a great spot for fishing fans and anglers all over the country to go and have a wonderful time enjoying their favourite hobby. Although you can’t fish commercially, those of you that do it simply like that, for fun, will find that this is a perfect spot.

There are quite a few fish species spread across diverse types of waters, some of which include the barramundi and the mangrove jack. The coral trouts and the snappers are also swimming around ready for you to catch them. If you want to go for a big fish, you can find marlins of all colours along this area.

Fishing at Hervey Bay An Anglers Favourite 1 - Fishing at Hervey Bay - An Angler's Favourite

If you decide to go fishing at Hervey Bay, you will find that there is a pier waiting for you no matter where you look. The piers from this city and those of the Fraser Island meet in a wonderful chain of places where anglers love to go to catch deep water fish.

Piers are such an important part of the place’s culture that one of the main landmarks is the Uragan Pier that is the best spot to go throw your hook at. You will be able to meet fellow anglers and fishermen as it is constantly filled with people regardless of the time of day.

Fishing at Hervey Bay An Anglers Favourite 2 - Fishing at Hervey Bay - An Angler's Favourite

Every angler in Australia looks forward to setting some time aside and go to Hervey Bay to catch a few fish, come back with amusing stories, and make new friends. Keep it in mind next time you are planning a fishing trip and get ready to receive a treat.